Welcome to the official Alchemy Lab of CryptoSkulls

This sacred place is ruled by an ancient clan of Dark Alchemists. Beware, the Alchemists are constantly creating new potions and mixtures to create some out-of-this-world magical powers for The Boneyard.


Now that the Skullish Cube has been located and the Demonic Bloods have been distributed you must fulfil your destiny and join us as we unleash terror on the blockchain.

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Discover the enigmatic Demonic Skulls Level 0, mutated beings infused with unique powers from the "Darkness" magic school. Though akin to Level 2, they boast distinct attributes, ready to conquer enemies in the Gold of Skulls game. Mint yours today and prepare for an epic battle as CryptoSkulls enter the mystical realm of Inbetween.

The Demonic Skulls

For years CryptoSkulls lay dormant within their graves in a place we know as The Boneyard, their glowing eyes and spiky bones terrified the villagers so much that they never dared to explore it ~ right under the Skull Lords crypt lies The Alchemy Lab, hidden from sight for hundreds of years.

For hundreds of years, my clan of Dark Alchemists have been experimenting with CryptoSkulls in an attempt to better understand their powers, isolate them and use them in our demonic rituals. We have used the most powerful potions, elixirs and even ancient artefacts such as the Skull of the Demon Lord but all was in vain. CryptoSkulls kept their secrets close to them, or so they thought…

The ancient lore states that one particular long-lost artefact - the Legendary Skullish Cube, has unique mysterious transmogrification powers and this lore was overheard by the Dark Alchemists. All of my clan’s resources were used to locate the Cube and with the generous help of NFT Archaeologists Society, it was finally discovered.

Right upon the Cube extraction other well-known NFTs rushed to try it, hoping to add new powers to their OG Collections, however, only the OG CryptoSkulls resonated with it due to the dark origin within each of the ancient historic NFTs.

Skulls were weeping next to the Cube, their eyes were demonically glowing and the horror they brought to the nearby villages had dramatically increased. The entire boneyard was engulfed in a harmony of demonic screams…

Luckily the Dark Alchemist managed to bond the skull souls to the Cube successfully sealing them until the time came to carry out further research. The Alchemists experimented with most of their secret alchemy ingredients but none of them seemed to work the way we had imagined. Along the way we accidentally resurrected an ancient ape and thousands of lesser demonic creatures such as bats & spiders… but we struggled to infuse the CryptoSkulls with the demonic powers of the Cube.

Then he remembered that he had once collected the darkest of all alchemy ingredients, a vial of blood taken right from an open wound on the Demonic Lord. One after another new Demonic Skulls were born adding new demonic powers to each of the OG Crypto Skulls.

Even then the process was taking too long, the Alchemist wanted to have the Army of the Demonic Skulls as soon as possible ~ he hunted to find more of the sacred bloody ingredient for his trials and allowed every CryptoSkulls’ owner to use it in the Cube to fulfil their destiny and harvest the true powers of Demonic Skulls.

Demonic Skulls Perks

Expansion of the CryptoSkulls Community

Demonic Skulls is the perfect entry to the CryptoSkulls Universe for new investors and Skullish NFT Enthusiasts. The more the Skullisher! Remember, 1 Demon = 1 vote in the CryptoSkulls DAO.

Boost your Skull Holdings

The Demonic Skulls collection carries the same value in terms of any future developments such as gaming, airdrops, and voting power as the original OG CryptoSkulls collection.

Unlock the Demonic Pairing

Holding of the NFT pair - OG CryptoSkull + Demonic Skull would unlock some special rewards and benefits in the future.

Own Your Demonic Rights

Every Demonic Skull follows the same lawful pattern of the OG CryptoSkulls where the holder has full commercial rights to the art they have purchased.

Alchemy Rules

Born from the Demon Blood these skulls are possessed by Demonic Spirits and hold the ultimate dark power within. However, the more Demonic Blood you mix, the more horrific the demonization results will be! You have been warned! Now .. Read the ancient rules!

Regardless of the Demonic Level, your OG CryptoSkull will stay the same and will NOT get burned or modified in any way during the dark transformation.

X1 Demonic Blood

With the use of x1 Demonic Blood on one of your OG CryptoSkulls you will receive a brand new NFT of Demonic Skulls (Demonic Level 1) with most of your OG Skull’s traits carried over plus the possibility to get some minor demonic mutations.

X3 Demonic Blood

With x3 Bloods used you will get a Demonic Level 2 Skull that will NOT carry over OG Cryptoskull traits. These have a wider range of unique demonic traits and mutation making it much darker and potentially rarer. Only 2500 Level 2 Demonic Skulls will ever exist, so don't miss your chance to get one in your NFT collection.

X5 Demonic Blood

The use of x5 Demonic Bloods will allow you to create one of the rarest Demonic Skulls of them all - Demonic Level 3. No traits from the OG skulls will be carried over, instead, an entirely new set of traits are introduced making the creation a true demonic monstrosity. There will be only 150 Level 3 Demonic Skulls, making them extremely rare.

Blood of the Demon Lord

This Blood was collected from the wounds of the Demon Lord himself. It is so demonically active that even the goblet was transformed into something dark and alive. However, during the experiments, it has destroyed the weaker skull and only reacted with the most powerful of OG CryptoSkulls - Skull Lords themselves.

This item can only be used to transform a UI 1 Level OG CryptoSkull aka Skull Lord into a unique hand-drawn Demonic Skull Lord. Only 10 of such NFTs will be available.

Don’t rely on chance always double-check your Skulls and Bloods!

Blood Claimed








Demonic Skulls Sneekpeeks

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Skull lord



It is a CryptoSkulls V2 Collection with a refreshed vision of more dark and Demonic Skulls in a traditional 2D Cartoonish Style. The Demonic Skulls NFT would be ERC-721Token.

All OG CryptoSkulls holders will be allowed to claim the “Demonic Blood” token (One Demonic Blood per the OG CryptoSkull held). Once the Alchemist Ritual becomes available, holders will be able to use their OG CryptoSkull to create a demonic version of it while burning (1-5) Demonic Blood token(s).

Yes, it is a Free Claim + minor GAS fee. One Demonic Blood token per OG CryptoSkull held.

Demonic Blood is the ERC-1155 NFT that can be claimed by every OG CryptoSkulls holder. It will be used and burned while creating the Cryptoskulls V2 (aka Demonic Skulls) NFTs.

x1 Demonic Blood will create a dark copy of the OG CryptoSkull in your possession, keeping most of the OG CryptoSkulls traits intact and adding the minor demonic mutations. Such skulls will have a “Demonic Level 1” label. The max supply of such skulls is 9990.

x3 Demonic Bloods will boost the dark transmogrification powers and allow to boost the rarity of the Demonic Skull by adding the additional Demonic Mutations. Such mutation would mix up the traits of the OG Skull giving a chance to get a new set of rare traits. Such skulls will have a “Demonic Level 2” label. The max supply of such skulls is 2500.

x5 Demonic Bloods can create the rarest Demonic Monstrosity that would hold the maximum concentration of dark powers. This type of Demonic Skulls will look nothing like the OG CryptoSkulls with a unique design and unique set of traits and mutations. Such skulls will have a “Demonic Level 3” label. The max supply of such skulls is 150.

No, you keep both OG CryptoSkull and the V2 Demonic Skull.

Yes, the number of “Demonic Blood” tokens will be burned according to the selected Demonic Level via the mint calculator.

Yes, you would be able to do it.

The Demonic Skulls website has a special calculator designed to see all OG Cryptoskulls in your Wallet and Demonize them according to your desire.

One will have to use the appropriate amount of Demonic Blood VIals to get the desired Demonic Level Skull. All at once. Each OG CryptoSkull can only be demonized once.

Each OG CryptoSkull can only be demonized once with x1 / x3 / x5 Demonic Blood Vials. No level up is possible as you can only demonize its soul once.

Well, that is up for you to decide!

Nope, every OG Cryptoskull gets x1 Demonic Blood Vial as all CryptoSkull souls made equal. OG Skull Lords get a different “Blood of the Demon Lord” Vial that only works on OG Skull Lords.

Game Tokens are a unique feature of the OG CryptoSkulls collection by design but their special abilities are not transferable even with the darkest of demonic rituals. A Demonized game token will have the same utility as all other OG CryptoSkulls.

Yes, there will be a specific collection for the Vials secondary market.

The claim period will remain open indefinitely.

Vials of blood can be used to mint level 2 or 3 demons for 2 weeks only. Level 1 minting will remain open indefinitely.

Only one txn will be needed.

Bloods = ERC-1155, Demons = ERC-721.

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CryptoSkulls Hall of Fame

CryptoSkulls Hall of Fame is the unique NFT Collection with the rarest 1/1 hand-drawn NFTs that represent the most noble, trustworthy and selfless CryptoSkulls community members. Each Skull has the portrait properties of the noble community member and will forever commemorate the presence of this individual in the history of NFTs and blockchain.

To join the Skulls Hall of Fame one should follow one of the listed below routes and comply with the requirements to become a member and receive the NFT award from the CryptoSkulls community.


Skullish Archeologist

Gary Vee

Skullish Archeologist

Matt Medved

Skullish Archeologist







A pretty straightforward way to nominate yourself for the Skulls Hall of Fame is by acquiring 25 OG CryptoSkulls in your wallet. Become the OG Whale and let the community decide if you are worth it!

Title Rewarded: Skullish Whale

A darker route to take if you wish to join the Hall of Fame club is boosting your Demonic Skulls Holding. Those however depend on a level you hold as the higher skulls carry more points. Here is table:

- Level 1 Demonic Skull is 1 point
- Level 2 Demonic Skull is 3 points
- Level 3 Demonic Skull is 5 points
- Demonic Lord 10 points

100 points is your goal and the pass for the Hall of Fame nomination!

Title Rewarded: Demonic Whale

As the name suggests this route allows you to hold both the OG CryptoSkulls and Demonic Skulls and still get your chance to be forever placed in the history of NFTs and the blockchain. To follow this route you will have to get the following:

- 13 OG CryptoSkulls
- and get 50 points for Demonic Skulls holding.

Title Rewarded: Skullish Mixer

This is a very strange thing you can go for but it can grant you one of the rarest titles in the Skulls Hall of Fame. Accumulate Demonic Blood... a lot of demonic blood:

- Hold x200 Demonic Blood in your wallet

Title Rewarded: Bloody Maniac

Are you a well known NFT enthusiast with a vast following in social networks and irresistible craving for the CryptoSkulls community? Then this route is for you! Here is the checklist:

- Have a well-known name in the NFT Space
- Be an active community member
- Hold a minimum of x3 OG CryptoSkulls
- Show your Skulls on your social networks with the #CryptoSkulls & #SkullsHallOfFame hashtags

Title Rewarded: Skullish Influencer

Are you a Rock Star, a Movie Star or an Instagram Celebrity?! Then welcome to the Skulls Hall of Fame! This nomination will be mainly used to attract new celebrity blood into the Skullish Community. Just imagine the Skullish portrait of His Majesty Prince of Darkness or JB the Devil Slayer!? Intriguing isn't it?

- Be a Star!

Title Rewarded: The Star of Skulls

Bonus awards are special traits that will be forever linked to your Skulls Hall of Fame NFT to showcase your achievements in the CryptoSkulls community.

Each route and each awarded title can be seen as a great Feat of Strength within the CryptoSkulls community. Such achievements can not only place your Skullish Portrait into the HoF NFT Collection but also allow you to showcase them there as traits to your personal NFT.

In case you have already become a member of the Skulls Hall of Fame and decide to go for another route to add a new trait to your NFT, you can go for it and upon completion the new trait will be added to your personal Skullish NFT portrait.

More information about the Skulls Hall of Fame and the community voting process will be available in the official CryptoSkulls Discord server.

Future of the Demonic Skulls

The future of the Demonic Skulls is intertwined with the OG CryptoSkulls collection. Each Demonic Skull is an inseparable part of the CryptoSkulls community and they are treated equally with the OG Skulls in terms of DAO voting power, possible airdrops, and upcoming gaming experiences.

The Alchemist himself is looking after each and every one of his creations and therefore Demonic Skulls will soon start receiving some additional benefits currently being cooked in the CryptoSkulls Alchemy Lab.

The Demonic Skulls NFT collection has been created in the close collaboration of the OG CryptoSkulls development team and WeMakeNFT Agency.

Get your own CryptoSkull on digital marketplaces: